Monday, 26 December 2011

I've been tagged !

- 11 Things about myself .

1 . My name is Nurfidhah. Among all of my siblings' names , my name is the shortest one.

2. I hate when people call me Fid-hah . I was just like -.- .

3. I am quite hasty and impulsive at some point.

4. I have many friends but i do not know if I ever had a true friend.

5. I used to be a big fan of Kpop but now I only like the old groups like DBSK, Super Junior, Big        Bang. Plus, I still love watching K-dramas.

6. I am mixed race. My mum is half pakistani and half malay. My dad is half arab, javanese and malay. Hence, I am an alien.

7. I love listening to motivational songs or anything that will bring me closer to the universe and better view of real life.

8. I am an engineering student but I wanted to be psychology student.

9. I do not have any crush. I know it is pretty lame but i like it.

10. I have so many unrealistic goals that I want to achieve.

11. Believe it or not, i have mental illness.

11 answers for questions from Aina

1. How tall are you ?

Well , i am not really tall and i am not really short . I am just about average height .

2. What language(s) do you speak fluent ?

Malay and english i guess . I can speak in arabic but not really fluent .ometimes i mixing up 3 languages in one sentence . 

3. Are you a kpop-er ? ( whose / what fanclub are you in )

I used to be a kpop-er. For now i just enjoy listening to old songs and I don't really want to be a part of any fanclub.

4. What do you think of me and my blog ?

You are very talented and cherubic girl. I really like your blog . Your blog is so freaking amazing.

5. Have you watched any of my videos before ? ( what do you think of it ? )

Yup . Your videos are really awesome . I like 'em .

6. What's your ethnicity and religion ?

I am mixed raced . I am Muslimah and i am proud of it . I love Islam .

7.Do you read manga & watch anime ? ( What's your fave ? )

I used to but not really like to . I like Kaoru's and Detective Conan .

8. You're all time favorite blog ?

Yours of course , Chunks of Lurvelicious and The Day of Eryn  .

9 . Your all time favourite song ?

Any motivational songs.

10 . What do you think of your life ?

Hmm . Just so-so . Sometimes i feel good and sometimes i feel bad .

11 . Have you ever regret doing something in your life before ? ( what is it ? )

Yeah , of course . Making decisions too quick is the usual thing that I have always did to myself and regretting it is the sure thing that will happen next.

- 11 Questions from me

1 . What is your full name ?
2 . Is there anyone you can tell EVERYTHING to ? (who ? )
3 . Last person you cried in front of ?
4 . Name something you dislike about the day you’re having.
5 . Do you think your life will change dramatically in 2012 ?
6 . Your favourite songs ?
7 . Your hobbies ?
8 . Do you like my blog ?
9 . Your favourite movies ?
10 . Who is your crush ?
11 . Who are your favourite artists ?

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