Tuesday, 8 November 2011

She Knew No Better

Bashed and pushed around
Her heart shattered again
Abused beyond belief
Thrown like a rag doll
But always comes back for more
She knows no better
She does not know of gentleness
She does not know of kindness
She does not know what true love is
She thinks abuse is love
Because she is being paid attention
And any attention will do
Even if its bad
She craves to feel
To feel anything
And in the end as she
Lay dying on the ground
After he bashes her too hard
She remembers fairy tales she read
As a child and wonders why
She couldnt have been
Snow White or Cinderella
Instead of being the damsel in distress
Who never got saved by her
Prince Charming

Sunday, 6 November 2011

One Direction

       One Direction? Who are they? The first time ever I encountered this band name was on Google. However, I practically searched Harry Styles name as I saw a lot of people started to talk about him on Tumblr. Nearly hours of my day will be spent on Tumblr that's why. The first video of One Direction that I have watched is "What Makes You Beautiful". At that time, the lyrics had shook me to my core because it is very meaningful. The song is so good to listen to. Not just that, I literally like the boys too. There are 5 members in the group which are Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Niall Horan and Liam Payne. Zayn Malik is the most outstanding one because he is quite different than the others because he is a pakistani and also a muslim. The funniest one as far as I know according to my limit sight is Louis Tomlinson. I do not know much about Liam, Harry and Niall tho. A lot of people say that they are like the new version of Westlife but not to me. I like Westlife more than this boyband haha but of course they both got their own unique ways in performing their music to their fans.


Friday, 4 November 2011

I need someone....

To me its about trust and loyalty. 
I need someone i can trust to be myself with.
Someone who wont spill my secrets to another person.
Even if it's someone who they are trust and close to.
I need someone who is loyal.
I've had too many people just leave from my life--walk out just like that.
Too many who have replaced me.
I need someone who wont simply ditch me for someone else because they're funner, or more open, or belong to another crowd.
I need someone i can count on.
Because i'd be willing to do all of that for someone and so much more.

Thursday, 3 November 2011


      Yeah!! I just put a CBox in my blog....! Please comment about my blog....! Have a nice day......!

                        BYE !!

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

One of the things that i like about my classmates

  • Syira  ---) She is one of the girls who i can share story about the artist from west side. = )
  • Intan  ---) She really fit herself in me eventhough,she just know me...= )
  • Wani  ---) She is a good listener..= )
  • Iqbal  ---) He is one of the boys from this class that i feel comfort to talk to...
  • Syafiq ---) Have a high confidence
  • Zuraidi ---) He's totally good in making jokes.I always laughed at his jokes
  • Kak Fish ---) He's really tall that i have often to strain my neck to look up at him.
  • Hafiz Z.---) He seems nice. That's it i can tell you about him because he is mystery
  • Azri  ---) He always walked poisely...He's cool
  • Ali    ---) Clone of Ji-Ho in Boys Over Flowers OST
  • Amin  ---) I know nothing about him. All i know he like Intan.. XD
  • Farhan  ---) Well, he kinda kind...
  • Arif   ---) He is really intelligent esoecially in teaching ppl
  • Aca   ---) She's kind to me btw, she got nice voice...
  • Gia    ---) She's really gentle and pretty
  • Rose  ---) She's really like to laugh at the jokes that i made.Even just once or twice.I appreciate that
  • Shafiqah ---) Have a natural cute way...she's really cute..
  • Nelly   ---) She's really nice.She always listened to my story.
  • Farah Farisya  ---) "Queen of  Making Noise in Class".Everyone knows that.
  • Renugha ---) She's really good in doing presentation
  • Punitha   ---) Fussy but funny.
  • Davinaa ---) She's really really buckle down to do something especially studying.
  • Faika ---) She's friendly girl
  • Aida  ---) Once she hate me a lot but currently she's kinda nice to me
  • Layla  ---) Wow! One of the best students.She hate to do hw but always score in all sub.
  • Nadhrah  ---) Naughty but kind..LOL
  • Hanim   ---) She's funny
  • Nabila   ---) She always smile
  • Nadia    ---) Genious
  • Nani      ---) Can speak in Hangul..!
  • Hannani  ---) She's really tall . I felt like a pudgy dwarf beside her
  • Farah Natasya ---) Warm-hearted..=)