Friday, 17 August 2018

Tips on how to relieve pre-menstrual syndrome

Have you ever experienced muscle cramps around your stomach or to be more exact at your lower abdomen during your period? That is one of the symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome or PMS. PMS can be very painful and it may cause some people to lie on their bed all day long. The other physical symptoms are fatigue, headache, and et cetera. What about emotion symptoms? You must have heard those people who make jokes "I bet she's on her period" if there is any woman who mad at nonsense stuff. Well, mood swing is one of the PMS emotion symptoms. However, not every girl who like to mad at little things are confirmly on their periods. Perhaps they're just short-tempered women. Not just women tho, men can be short-tempered too. 

When I was studying in my college, I had to take days off just because I couldn't help myself to walk around like healthy people. I had to lower my back a little bit as shown in the picture above due to the cramps. As for now, i have become a little bit better because I don't have to rest my body on the bed for a whole day but just for some hours, around 2 hours or less than that. I practically noticed this change when I started consuming healthy food which I'm gonna talk about after this. My father always forced me to consume this and that when I'm on my period to avoid pre-menstrual or to relieve it. Few years back, when I was 14 or 15, I used to consume the pink panadol pill but due to some reasons, I stopped consuming it. I actually heard from people that the pill isn't good for our kidney. It scared me a bit so I took cautious step by stop consuming it.

Okay, now I'm gonna share with you guys the tips that make me feel better during PMS.

1. The first thing that i'm gonna do when im on my period or before is to consume a table spoon of olive oil.  The cramps isn't wild as it was before after i consume this magic oil. It is not just gonna relieve your menstrual pain but it can make your organs be in a healthier state as well.

2. Drink hot healthy tea such as green tea, chamomile tea or ginger tea. They do help!

3. Working out is one of the ways to fight your hormone changes that could trigger the PMS. Endorphins will make you feel better and it is a stress-relief.

4. Put the heating pad on your abdomen because it will help your muscle relax. 

5. Sleep! Whenever you feel fatigue or headache, that means your body need sometime to relax for a bit. It can reduce your period pain too.

These are the tips that I practiced to help myself healed from period pain. Have a good day peeps!

Thursday, 2 August 2018

Experience: Celcom Sl1m Trainee Interview

    Hi readers before I get started, I would like to say have a nice day and grab some cookies or healthier snacks if you guys feel hungry so that you won't read this post in an uncomfortable zone. Settled in dudes. Maybe some of you came here to read this post because you're gonna have interview session with Celcom for a sl1m program (trust me, I've been there), or maybe I made you guys read this post because you guys are my followers or maybe you came here because you are Celcom staffs (*hats off). Well, i just had an interview with Celcom last week and I guess my interview session wasn't really went well. Why? Because i was too nervous and I forgot to speak important things like about my ability in developing web-based application and also I have experience in using database. I did not say all that but instead I spoke nonsense as usual. 

    I kinda like the interviewer because he was so calm and look nice. I was one of the first candidates was get called for the interview. It was held in a room with 6 candidates including me, myself. He asked us 2 questions only. Before this, as i told you guys earlier I used to search all information about Celcom Sl1m program on google and found some blog posts that stated they had 2 interview sessions; individual and group interview (more like MUET test). However, we did have one interview only. As a matter of fact, there were like bunch of candidates that day so I guess they didn't have much time to interview all the candidates if they made 2 interview sessions. So, let's jump in to the questions they asked.

    First, we need to introduce ourselves, that the first one and the next question is more like critical and creative thinking. He asked about priority matter. In the first interview, i was the last person in the group to do the introduction. I said a lot about my personal information and education background but the mistake I did was not saying anything about my technical abilities that related to Network or IT. As he asked us to speak about our specialities, as I have a very low self-esteem issue, I was not sure of myself to brag about me in front of others. Hence, I just said I am a self-motivated person and also a team player cuz those two are the most accurate positive information about me. However, I did not say about my technical skills which was kind of big mistake I have done there.

    The second question he asked us is about a hard situation and this is related to priority. His question is more like this "If you need to get done the work immediately during that day and the work can only be done by you and at the same time there is a family problem that you need to solve, what would you do?". Maybe different interviewers asked different things to other interviewees but this question is what I had. It sounds tough as the question hit us spontaneously and we need to answer the question spontaneously too. I forgot what I answered tho, but there is something with "I would deal with any matter that is way more serious". 

    Anyways, Alhamdulillah. Maybe it wasn't perfect but yeah at least I had another interview experience with another company. Wish me luck and if this job isn't meant for me, then maybe sooner or later there is another job position that is way more suitable for me. Need to put my faith in Him. Bye guys.

P/S: Make sure bring your graduation certificate or at least your results with a statement saying that you have completed your studies or else it has a great possibilities for you not to be taken in this program because i didn't have mine and the HR said that she can't continue with the intake process if I don't have it with me.

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Legally Blonde Honest Review

   Hey readers! Today I am going to review a movie which gave me a big positive vibe to stay on track while I was having a burnout during studying. It it a comedy movie and can be considered as a romantic film as well. This movie is based on novel by Amanda Brown so if any of you are the book lovers, you can grab it on E-book for $2.99 USD which is kind of cheap. This movie is about a bright, hot, popular, pretty and rich girl named Elle Woods who attended UCLA for her Bachelor's degree in Fashion Merchandising. She was having a relationship with Warner until he dumped her with a reason that he needs a more serious girl by his side as he is going to attend Harvard Law School. As due to her strong love towards this Warner guy, she decided to go to Harvard Law School to win him over. However, Warner turned out having a fiancee which made Elle upset and not just that everyone in the school practically looked down on her. Hence, she made a decision to take revenge on them by becoming better than them. 

Rating: 10/10

Sunday, 22 July 2018

I'm back!

Hi guys, it's been years i have left this blog stranded like a dead zombie ( can zombies die tho?).  Im officially 23 years old and yup that is my latest picture. Well yeah, I just finished my studies in electronic engineering course last June. I have been using my leisure time by applying jobs everywhere. I just had an interview with Umobile but there is no answer from them until now. I guess i'm not the chosen one for that job position. Perhaps because i have been so boring and speaking nonsense during interview. They asked me simple questions only. I did answer all of em but the thing is all the things that I was trying to say did not reach the destination. I don't know how to put this but yeah my anxiety sabotaged me and I got distracted because I had to face them face to face (due to i have not left my house for days so it is so much easier for me to get anxiety). I wanted to work as a part timer for 2 months at least to get some pocket money before I start working as a full-timer but it is going to be weird and rude if i need to ask my boss' permission to attend interview session from any company while I'm still working with him. As due to that, I am still stuck in my house trying to apply job vacancies from Jobstreet and other job-seeking platforms. I'm going to have an interview with Celcom for Sl1m programme next week and please do pray for me to get accepted in participating this programme because I really want to get some experiences to work in a real telco company environment and improve my soft skills as well. Wish me luck! Before I end this post, I actually wanted to say that from now on Im going to make a little change in this blog as from a personal blog-diary to personal blog with some benefit information instead. Besides, I renew my Cbox account due to technical problem so feel free to drop any message for me to read. 

Thanks for reading peeps. Have a good evening. 

Monday, 26 December 2011

I've been tagged !

- 11 Things about myself .

1 . My name is Nurfidhah. Among all of my siblings' names , my name is the shortest one.

2. I hate when people call me Fid-hah . I was just like -.- .

3. I am quite hasty and impulsive at some point.

4. I have many friends but i do not know if I ever had a true friend.

5. I used to be a big fan of Kpop but now I only like the old groups like DBSK, Super Junior, Big        Bang. Plus, I still love watching K-dramas.

6. I am mixed race. My mum is half pakistani and half malay. My dad is half arab, javanese and malay. Hence, I am an alien.

7. I love listening to motivational songs or anything that will bring me closer to the universe and better view of real life.

8. I am an engineering student but I wanted to be psychology student.

9. I do not have any crush. I know it is pretty lame but i like it.

10. I have so many unrealistic goals that I want to achieve.

11. Believe it or not, i have mental illness.

11 answers for questions from Aina

1. How tall are you ?

Well , i am not really tall and i am not really short . I am just about average height .

2. What language(s) do you speak fluent ?

Malay and english i guess . I can speak in arabic but not really fluent .ometimes i mixing up 3 languages in one sentence . 

3. Are you a kpop-er ? ( whose / what fanclub are you in )

I used to be a kpop-er. For now i just enjoy listening to old songs and I don't really want to be a part of any fanclub.

4. What do you think of me and my blog ?

You are very talented and cherubic girl. I really like your blog . Your blog is so freaking amazing.

5. Have you watched any of my videos before ? ( what do you think of it ? )

Yup . Your videos are really awesome . I like 'em .

6. What's your ethnicity and religion ?

I am mixed raced . I am Muslimah and i am proud of it . I love Islam .

7.Do you read manga & watch anime ? ( What's your fave ? )

I used to but not really like to . I like Kaoru's and Detective Conan .

8. You're all time favorite blog ?

Yours of course , Chunks of Lurvelicious and The Day of Eryn  .

9 . Your all time favourite song ?

Any motivational songs.

10 . What do you think of your life ?

Hmm . Just so-so . Sometimes i feel good and sometimes i feel bad .

11 . Have you ever regret doing something in your life before ? ( what is it ? )

Yeah , of course . Making decisions too quick is the usual thing that I have always did to myself and regretting it is the sure thing that will happen next.

- 11 Questions from me

1 . What is your full name ?
2 . Is there anyone you can tell EVERYTHING to ? (who ? )
3 . Last person you cried in front of ?
4 . Name something you dislike about the day you’re having.
5 . Do you think your life will change dramatically in 2012 ?
6 . Your favourite songs ?
7 . Your hobbies ?
8 . Do you like my blog ?
9 . Your favourite movies ?
10 . Who is your crush ?
11 . Who are your favourite artists ?

You've been tagged : - Eryn , Eyka Aikha , Cha , Sunshine , g-carinoo , Nurul Assilah , Faqia , Irah Noor Khan , Bubbles , Mahardini , Liyana .

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

She Knew No Better

Bashed and pushed around
Her heart shattered again
Abused beyond belief
Thrown like a rag doll
But always comes back for more
She knows no better
She does not know of gentleness
She does not know of kindness
She does not know what true love is
She thinks abuse is love
Because she is being paid attention
And any attention will do
Even if its bad
She craves to feel
To feel anything
And in the end as she
Lay dying on the ground
After he bashes her too hard
She remembers fairy tales she read
As a child and wonders why
She couldnt have been
Snow White or Cinderella
Instead of being the damsel in distress
Who never got saved by her
Prince Charming

Sunday, 6 November 2011

One Direction

       One Direction? Who are they? The first time ever I encountered this band name was on Google. However, I practically searched Harry Styles name as I saw a lot of people started to talk about him on Tumblr. Nearly hours of my day will be spent on Tumblr that's why. The first video of One Direction that I have watched is "What Makes You Beautiful". At that time, the lyrics had shook me to my core because it is very meaningful. The song is so good to listen to. Not just that, I literally like the boys too. There are 5 members in the group which are Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Niall Horan and Liam Payne. Zayn Malik is the most outstanding one because he is quite different than the others because he is a pakistani and also a muslim. The funniest one as far as I know according to my limit sight is Louis Tomlinson. I do not know much about Liam, Harry and Niall tho. A lot of people say that they are like the new version of Westlife but not to me. I like Westlife more than this boyband haha but of course they both got their own unique ways in performing their music to their fans.