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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

She Knew No Better

Bashed and pushed around
Her heart shattered again
Abused beyond belief
Thrown like a rag doll
But always comes back for more
She knows no better
She does not know of gentleness
She does not know of kindness
She does not know what true love is
She thinks abuse is love
Because she is being paid attention
And any attention will do
Even if its bad
She craves to feel
To feel anything
And in the end as she
Lay dying on the ground
After he bashes her too hard
She remembers fairy tales she read
As a child and wonders why
She couldnt have been
Snow White or Cinderella
Instead of being the damsel in distress
Who never got saved by her
Prince Charming

                                             By: Gothgirl

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