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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

One of the things that i like about my classmates

  • Syira  ---) She is one of the girls who i can share story about the artist from west side. = )
  • Intan  ---) She really fit herself in me eventhough,she just know me...= )
  • Wani  ---) She is a good listener..= )
  • Iqbal  ---) He is one of the boys from this class that i feel comfort to talk to...
  • Syafiq ---) Have a high confidence
  • Zuraidi ---) He's totally good in making jokes.I always laughed at his jokes
  • Kak Fish ---) He's really tall that i have often to strain my neck to look up at him.
  • Hafiz Z.---) He seems nice. That's it i can tell you about him because he is mystery
  • Azri  ---) He always walked poisely...He's cool
  • Ali    ---) Clone of Ji-Ho in Boys Over Flowers OST
  • Amin  ---) I know nothing about him. All i know he like Intan.. XD
  • Farhan  ---) Well, he kinda kind...
  • Arif   ---) He is really intelligent esoecially in teaching ppl
  • Aca   ---) She's kind to me btw, she got nice voice...
  • Gia    ---) She's really gentle and pretty
  • Rose  ---) She's really like to laugh at the jokes that i made.Even just once or twice.I appreciate that
  • Shafiqah ---) Have a natural cute way...she's really cute..
  • Nelly   ---) She's really nice.She always listened to my story.
  • Farah Farisya  ---) "Queen of  Making Noise in Class".Everyone knows that.
  • Renugha ---) She's really good in doing presentation
  • Punitha   ---) Fussy but funny.
  • Davinaa ---) She's really really buckle down to do something especially studying.
  • Faika ---) She's friendly girl
  • Aida  ---) Once she hate me a lot but currently she's kinda nice to me
  • Layla  ---) Wow! One of the best students.She hate to do hw but always score in all sub.
  • Nadhrah  ---) Naughty but kind..LOL
  • Hanim   ---) She's funny
  • Nabila   ---) She always smile
  • Nadia    ---) Genious
  • Nani      ---) Can speak in Hangul..!
  • Hannani  ---) She's really tall . I felt like a pudgy dwarf beside her
  • Farah Natasya ---) Warm-hearted..=) 

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