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Sunday, 6 November 2011

One Direction

       One Direction? Who are they? First time i happened to know that One Direction exist was in Tumblr . It is kinda weird. I never heard their song anyway. When i opened Twitter , i checked out TT . There was "Harry Styles" name.I dont even know him. I just ignore all of that. But since everywhere was One Direction and One Direction so,i decided i have to find out who are they. I searched them in Google . Then , i saw their video song "What makes You Beautiful" in the results of searching. So, i downloaded their song "What Makes You Beautiful". I tried to listen to it. It kinda best song. I kinda like it. Then, i checked their biography and all. Ah~ so Harry Styles is one of the boys from that band . No wonder his name was being in TT list.

       Then, i watched their video song "What Makes You Beautiful".Then, i saw someone's face that really look like arabian . But,in fact, he is British Pakistani. His name is Zayn Malik. I started to admire him most among the others. By the way, he is Muslim and he proud of it. Next time, i will tell you more about him,Insya-Allah. No promises. I thought the leader in that band was Louis Tomlinson because he is the oldest but in fact the leader is Liam Payne. Harry Styles is the youngest in that band. He is the cutest guy in this band with his curly cute hair. Ha ha. At first, i dont really like Niall Horan because he said he loves to fart.He admitted it without shame. But,luckily he said he can clear a room in seconds with the foul smell.So,he is acceptable. Ha ha.

                Well,that's all i can tell about them. Im one of their fans right now. Ha ha.

                                                                                 Sorry if there were grammar mistakes

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