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Monday, 31 October 2011

Maybe 'That Person' Have Found 'Em....Congratulations!

                  Yes,maybe u've found em!So,congratulations...! I dunno my heart just sometimes hurts when i think all of this stuff.I started to feel that u are leave me alone here.Maybe im not alone.Yup,I never alone because there are a lotsa ppl here beside me...(not,so long time we're not talking.I felt like i surrounded by the demons who have possessed my feelings to make u to be lonely forever... (just kidding) Im a bad person,u know. Actually, because i want u to be here by my side.( Am i obsessed?)But down deep in my heart i still love u and wish that u were here.U are one of ppl that being on my white-list.Im missing you. So, i wish we could meet again this end of month. Lol,i guess this is damn suck !


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