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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Happy Eid Mubarak!

Do you know what is the meaning of the word EID ?
Eid is the combination of three meaningful words as follows:
E = Embrace with open heart
I = Inspire with impressive attitude
D = Distribute pleasure to all peoples
EID Mubarak To ALL.

Another Eid, another fear, and another hope.
I hope that all of your days are eid and full of happiness everywhere.
Happy Another Eid to All....!!! - Tuesday Glitter Graphics

May Allah Bless All Muslims!!!!

Friday, 26 August 2011

August 26th,2011.

Im so tired today but its kinda fun...Hari Prsaraan Mek Zahrah yg cukop Meriah...
smpai naek kereta cool gle kowt...

                                                   SARANGHAE MEK ZAHRAH!!!!

well,Mek Zahrah dah brsara...Bru je nk brkenal-knln....LOL!
Hmmm...from June or July to August,im so buzy until i always skip class for the training untuk Hari Prsaraan Mek,lps nie,bebas sikit....haha...x de org nk pegi class nk jumpe aq for the training...kdg2 rse malas nk berlatih..kdg2 rase nk kluar klas je slalu....But,after this,i have to study so hard for the SPM Examination next year....Amin!Hari ni best sbb g-hah ade,fatma ade,sume la dah agak da 'DYE' x dtg punye...lantak "DYE" la....Like i care....Tangkap gamba mcm org gile...pegi sane tangkap gamba,pegi sini tngkap gamba...smpai ade bdk junior tgk aq je gelak2...tangkap gamba mate org dkt2 la...haha...kesian Adila...Tu la..spe suroh mate cntek sgt...haha

Everywher nk tangkap gmba especially g-hah...suke sgt...

gamba2 nie paling best...5 stars...!!!

From Left To Right----> Hidayah,Najihah Z.and Izzati.

gamba ni nice view from the high taking...

 Shahnur,one of my beautiful friends...and sblh dye Tasha one of my ex-classmates from class C...

Gamba2 nie klaka gle sbb akak syuhada tu ha buwat lwk..pakai high heels pon nak naek batu...haha

             Fatma buwat muke ayu...haha....

mse nie..g-hah peg ambek bndera kt tepi tingkap..ustz Fattah tgk je smpai kteorg bla....malu kowt...

Nice View!!!!LOVE this pic!!

 But,the bad is,that day,i have to wear 'Songket'....hard for me to walk,run and all....
                                                                          -THE END- 

Tuesday, 16 August 2011


Ramadhan is the honorable month and i love it

Ramadhan is here, Here is Ramadhan.
Ramadhan is coming, The time that is blessed.
Ramadhan is coming, The time we love best.
The month in which the Qur'an was sent;
A time of great blessing in which to repent.
Fasting for Allah is a great Muslim deed;
Controlling desires and Suppressing greed.

Ramadhan is coming, Increase your Iman.
Ramadhan is coming, Recite the Qur'an.
Taking "Suhur" in the dead of the Night;
No eating no drinking during the daylight.
Refrain from bad deeds and repent your soul;
The pleasure of Allah is our only goal.

Ramadhan is coming, so let us prepare.
Ramadhan is coming; there is peace everywhere,
Even if there is hunger, remember your Lord
And wait until 'Iftar' to earn your reward.
Fasting is one of the gifts of Allah
Given to believers to increase 'Taqwah'.

Ramadhan is here, here is Ramadhan.
Ramadhan is coming, so seek the new Moon.
Ramadhan is coming, it will be here soon.
We pray to Allah to put right our hearts;
Ask for forgiveness from Allah and make a new start.

Raising our hands we ask for his 'Rahmaa';
Hear us our Lord and grant us 'Jannah'