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Monday, 11 July 2011

Singing Club!!!!

   I never thought that i will enter the Singing Club in this new school!!Look at me!Im just a new student but people there started to feel like i am one of 'em already.I mean,i had fit into this new school environment beautifully already.I love this new school.But,it will be better if Holly study in this school same with me.I really love her and i really miss her so much...<3....She's truly my BFF.
   Actually,G-hah asked for me to join the club with her as she is in need of a companion to go home after school.Okay,fine,i want to watch it first is it fun or not.If it really fun,i wil enter the club,if it isn't i wont then.
Then,when we went to canteen we met Fatma.She is a librarian prefect and she was on duty every Thursday.She asked us why we're not going home yet?we replied her that we have meeting in Nasyeed Club.
With excitement and sparkling expressions on her face she said she want to enter the club too.Lol,i really like Fatma.She is my new BFF in this new school.How glad we are being BFF.She is really nice.

   Yup,this club is totally great!But 'Ustazah' always asked me to be solo or player of the drum.But i dont want to.I just want to be back up singer.All i know is,girl in Islam cant sing in front of infidel or guy which is does not have any relation with the girl except for one girl who sing with others as in a group.Yup!I want to be solo but if the law in Islam like that,so i wont be.I LOVE ISLAM!!

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