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Sunday, 3 July 2011

Girl Named A.S.

well,she is girl i knew from this new school.First time i saw her i thought she is in 'G' Class students but im really surprised that truthly she is studied in B Class...Well,when i've changed class from A Class to B Class,i wanna make a friend w/her as she is a friend of my friends.But,i can read from the way she treated me,yeah i can see that she really hates me but i dunno least please tell me wat the things dat u dun like bout me...she always being bullied but,when i just properly join in her group,she will make annoy face and all...and she've asked me a really 'gud' ques. dat really make me hurt.."where is ur friend???" wat????she knew dat im not having recess time w/ my other friends bcuz they studied in other class and im new student in dis school,so,i just have a few people dat i noe,but, i always make a gud mood environment reply her nicely "yeah,i've searched for em but i cant see em..." n lately,our class make a visition to Parlimen n Museum,i've found dat she said to my friend that she thought that im not goin to dis visition and she felt like wanna run away from me...hello??i never want to make me stick up to u,ok??? i did sumthin wrong to u A.S.????i wanna noe...i've asked her b4 dis,why she acted like dat way to me..she reply me with her way is really like dat to all of her friends..she love to joking around w/ all of her friends like dat but,wat is dis,A.S.???i really wanna noe is not JK anymore...dun make me like dis...

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