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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Dun even noe.Was on some chill type ish....

You say the problem with me is that i think too much/
Relying on this pen and ink too much/
But the problem with you is that you dont think at all/
So,its really weird to hear you question why we grown so far/
And i know i can be selfish and act like i dont care/
But it dooesn't seem you're aware of who you might hurt/Or what im worth,i feel like im cursed/
Feels like watever i do for you is unacceptable/
Sittin home alone when really im right next to you/
We going through some s*** and i try to handle it like a professional/
But i dont know if the wounds in our relationship is tendable/
So i just stop giving a s*** and do what you tell me to do/
Hoping that somehow it'll make you flexible/
You got he physical part down but what i mean is flexible mental/
Seeing the respect you got for your friends,im just tryna get a decimal/
Of the love u giving them cuz me being your significant other and not receiving any is almost unbearable/
I wouldnt say 'US' is great,but i wouldnt say its terrible/
Got me like an addict,i cant stop inhaling your dangerous chemicals/
Even if u got me split down the middle like centerfold/
This is just the s*** that i was thinking,i know it wont bring us closer/
But all the s*** in this was directed to you.....

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